Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The end of The Melon -finally

Finally I have a FO to show!! Now that see it on the pictures I realise the blocking could have been better though :-) Guess I need something with straight lines or squares on to put underneath.
I ended out pretty big. 70 by 200 cm. Partly because I like to block it as much as possible without breaking it.

More pictures to come.


Suna said...

Very nice, and I like the color, too. You should be proud! And until I was given some blocking wires, I had a heck of a time blocking in straight lines, myself.

purplejen said...

Wow ... thats gorgeous ... I have some more sturdy blocking wires for blocking square/rectangular items ... I think its called gas welding rod ... will show picture later as I finally found them.

rabbitIng said...

fantastic. i use blocking wires from Sharon at Heirloom Knitting. They are wonderful for straight things. although i find using t-pins with them instead of safety pins works best for me. congratulations. :)

LUL said...

I definately have to get some of those blocking wires. It works ok with the welding wire but it would be nice with something that can't be bended. They have been put on my wishlist for christmas :-)