Thursday, November 22, 2007

More Melon

Now that I finally have something to show I sure am doing it all the way! :-) My 5 yo took the pictures so they might be a bit out of focus.

Pattern: The Melon Shawl from Victorian Lace Today
Yarn: Fonty Laines Kidopale (70% Superkid mohair, 30% polyamide)225m/25g. 80 g used.
Needles: Addi Lace needles 4mm
Started: August 24, 2007. Finished: November 21, 2007.
Size: 70 by 200 cm


Tally said...

Good photographer, your child :-)
I like the first picture, the shawl and how you present it.
Will the Spring Surprise be as long as this one?
Hello from Hamburg

LUL said...

Hi Tally. No, not quite as lond. But it depends on your gauge :-)

gordyandjen said...

WOW ... love the photos and to see her blocked ... you definately put me to shame as I still haven't posted pics of blocked thistle

rabbitIng said...

think your 5-year-old definitely has a future as a photographer, and the shawl is fantastic. beautiful... sigh :)

Stephanie said...

Wow Lady, this shawl looks gorgeous!! Great job! Verry nice! Looking forward for the SSS!!

Nice weekend!

Hannestrik said...

Hvor er det flot LuL, du kan bare det der. Hvilken garn har du strikket den i ?
Hilsen Mutti/Hanne

LUL said...

Tak Hanne :-) Jeg har brugt Fonty's Kidopale. Jeg kan ikke huske hvad farven hed...Stof2000 har haft en masse på tilbud, så det har jeg benyttet mig af. Desværre ser de ud til at have udsolgt.

shortoldlady said...

Your shawl is lovely! Wear it in good health. And the pictures - wish I could take such nice pictures!

Agnes said...

Lovely! I love the colour.

Angelika said...

Wow, this thing is huge. I love the color and a model shot is always so much nicer that a shawl pinned to block.

Terri Lynn said...

Very beautiful, your work is so nice! It's sweet that your boy takes pics for you!

Laura said...

Your Melon turned out beautifully. I love the color!