Saturday, May 19, 2007

SP10 #3

My Secret Pal told me parcel #3 would arrive no later than yesterday -which it didn't, probably due to thursday being a public holiday. This morning I stood by the window and saw the postman arrive. He had a bag with letters and one single big package on the back of the bike. He picked up one letter from the bag and YES he took the package too. That's when I ran to the door :-)
She has done it again! Totally spoiled me with tons of goodies. Just have a look for your self!

Exciting. Even the box is usefull for storing yarn. The theme for this parcel is local and homemade. With that she has revealed a little bit about her self -she is Glaswegian :-) So I was right when I thought she might be from Scotland :-)
Lets start out with the yarn! We must be in telepathic connection (if only I believed in that). The day she made the parcel was the day I posted about wanting to try out dyeing yarn. She has send me lots of homedyed wool in fantastic colours. The wool is locally made from local sheep. Pal, you are so right about the "Lene" colourway. I absolutely love the colours!! I can't wait to see how it looks when knitted up. Albert really liked the "Lochs and Glens" colourway. I might use it for a booga bag as suggested or maybe I will use it for a sweater for Albert. He would look great in those colours.

Kool-Aid and wool for making my own hand dyes yarn. GREAT!! I almost ran straight to the kitchen to try it out. She didn't know the colours of the KoolAid, so that will be a surprice for both of us *lol* It doen't matter if it is purple (she was worried about that, as purple is not one of my favourites). I am sure I'll like it no matter what -just because of it's history.

A shawl pin is one of the things I needed the most.!! This one is perfect. And so personal. When wearing it I am sure I'll have to tell everybody the story about my secret pal :-)

A knitting counter! I didn't even know they existed. It will be a great help for future projects.

Dinosaur playing cards. The kids love them. I'll take along to Norway this summer.
A spurtle. You should have seen my mystified expression when I saw it!!! And it can be used for chrochet too! I wonder who got the idea!! She has enclosed recipes for oatmeal porrige as well other traditional scottish foods. They will be fun to try.
And lots of local treats as well as a scottish magnet. Yummy.

Finally a knitting and crochet magazine. It has several interesting patterns in it includes a leaflet with knitted embellishments.

Dear Secret Pal. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I loved every single bit of it. I look forward to hear more about dyeing and I am still amazed that my new interest in hand dyeing popped up with such perfect timing.


Bobbi said...

Nice parcel!

Anonymous said...

Glad it arrived safely. Enjoy!