Sunday, May 20, 2007

Firts go in Kool-Aid dyeing

Ready to dye. I more or less did like explained here.

First, I soaked the wool in lukewarm soapwater for 30 min

Time to find out what colour the Kool Aid has. It Looks purple!!

But it sure isn't!! And the smell!!!! I couldn't even smell the vinegar!

All set, just waiting for the wool to be ready.
Killing time with knitting a hat for a friends daughter
I made two mixtures. One with 1½ packet KoolAid and one with ½ a packet as I wanted to have 2 different shades in the yarn. The powder was diluted with water and vinegar (3:1). I soon realised I had to put in more liquid.
Ready to go into the microwave
Killing time and breathing fresh air (gosh it smells) I gave it 3 x 2 min in the microwave with 2 min rests in between.

FinishedWell!! I have to practise. Part of it only has a little colour. I think I should have used more liquid. It sure is red!! It was a lot of fun to try it and very easy. I like the reddest of the red so I guess you'd have to use 4 packets of KoolAid if you wanted that colour all over. I can't figure out how to use several colours; how do you make sure all the wool gets dyed but at the same time avoid bleeding!? Maybe it would be easier to divide the yarn into 2 glass bowls at the same time, but I don't know how the area in between the colours would end up.

I'm ready for more. Still have 800g of undyed wool!


Gina said...

That looks like soooo much fun!

Anonymous said...

I didn't think tropical punch would be red! Now I know ... will talk more about dyeing later.

Dea said...

har du set det her link

hun laver selvstribende garn med kool aid!

Det skal så meget prøves en dag!

Dea said...


tror du blir nød til at copy paste hvis det skal virke..

LUL said...

Alletiders! Hun får det jo til at se legende let ud!! Har du set linket under kommentarer -

Det er også ret smart!
Jeg glæder mig vildt til mit farvepulver kommer :-)