Thursday, February 8, 2007

The future

I started this blog because I thought about participating in a Secret Pal swap (SP10). One of the criteria was, that you had to have a blog. So here I am :-)

Off course I have thought about starting a blog before, but I never really liked the idea about showing my life to the rest of the world. And I didn't feel I had anything interesting to tell or show.

So this is probably not going to be a diary-like blog. It will be a total anonymous (which it has to be if I join SP10 swap) blog probably mainly with knitting, crochet, cooking, garden and what ever I feel like to comment or tell about. Hopefully something to laugh about too.

Just to make it a great start. My camera broke a week ago, so no picture of the day! In stead you get one from last May.

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