Tuesday, February 19, 2008

SSS scarf

By the end of the kal and afterwards it will be possible to purchase a pdf file with the pattern for the Spring Shawl Surprise.
As an extra treat it will include the pattern for the SSS scarf. A scarf where you start out with the center pattern (the birds eye pattern), knit on the ends by using the live stitches from each end of the birds eye pattern (you have to cast on using a provisional cast on) and finally add the end borders as a knitted on border.
I just have to write down the pattern (why didn't I do that while knitting??) and have a testknitter to check it.
But at least I finally got around to blocking it the other day.
You can click the pictures for a bigger version.


Anonymous said...

that is a beauty!! just like my SSS will be :).

I am in awe of your designs..

keep up the beautiful & unique design work!!

Jabi in Nairobi, Kenya
really enjoying knitting SSS

Bente T said...

Hej Lene
Hvor er det flot, det er en god ide at strikke sådan en bort i hver ende af tørklædet.
Jeg er gået i stå med mit SSS-sjal men jeg skal nok komme videre, der er bare noget andet jeg lige skal have overstået først.
Hilsen Bente

handknit168 said...

a wonderful and marvellous design.

Tally said...

What a beauty! In such a thrilling (for me) color!

I have to admit that I like this little scarf better than the shawl because for me it is more wearable. The shawl is still fine, because it is fun to knit and brings the spring nearer.

btw, I still don't have an idea what you will say us with the shawl.

Dominique said...

I like the scarf better then the stole ! Will it be available for the people who are in the SSS-group also ?

LUL said...

Thanks :-)
Tally and dominique, in some ways I like the scarf better too. The stole is a fun knit -but even to me the design with the wide faggotting is quite....dominant *lol*. Once you know the theme you might feel better about it -I hope ;-)
The scarf will be avaiable for purchase only together with the stole. A two in one combo. :-). I have something special in mind with the whole purchase thing and have spend aaages trying to work it out with paypal and the danish tax system. I'll let you all know ...soon..I am actually very excited about it!